Project Description
A PowerShell snapin for SQL Server Analysis Services. It implements a provider with all the interfaces required to enable you to navigate an SSAS server like a drive and includes a number of cmdlets for working with SSAS.

Currently the provider is a fairly thin wrapper over the AMO object model. The aim is to extend the object model to make easy to work with SSAS from the command line and to also add a number of useful cmdlets to make certain tasks easier.

Introduction to PowerSSAS
PowerSSAS release announcement - this is currently the best overview of what powerSSAS has to offer.

Installation Instructions
The current version comes with a full installer, once it is installed you just need to add the snapin to your session and you are off. The following example will load the provider and create a drive in powershell called "ssas:" that is connect to the default Analysis Services instance on the localhost.

PS > add-pssnapin powerSSAS
PS > new-psdrive ssas powerSSAS localhost 

You can then type "ssas:" to navigate to the drive and start using "dir" and "cd" to naviagate around like you would on a file system.

The installer is very simple, but if you have issues installing powerSSAS check out the Installation Troubleshooting Guide

add-ASAssemblyAdds an Assembly to an SSAS server or database
backup-ASDatabaseBacks-up an SSAS database
clear-ASSessionClears the specified Session
get-asConnectionReturns a list of current connections
get-ASCube Returns a list of Cubes
get-ASCubePermissionReturns a set of CubePermissions
get-ASDatabase Returns a list of Databases
get-ASDimension* Returns a list of Dimensions
get-ASLock Returns a list of Locks
get-ASRoleReturns a list of Roles
get-ASServer Returns the specified Server object
get-ASSessionLists the current Sessions
get-ASTraceReturns a list of the current server side traces
get-ASTraceSubclassReturns a list of the Trace Subclasses that are specific to Analysis Services
get-ASConnectionLists the current Connections
invoke-ASDiscoverExecutes the specified Discover command against Analysis Services
invoke-ASExecuteExecutes the specified XMLA command against Analysis Services
invoke-ASMDXExecutes the specified MDX command and returns the results
new-ASScriptScripts out a give object to an XMLA Create or Alter script
remove-ASAssemblyRemoves a specified CLR Assembly
restore-ASDatabaseRestores an SSAS Database
send-XmlaDiscoverSends an Xmla Discover command

Example Scripts
  • Getting a list of active sessions
PS > get-ASsession localhost 
  • Getting a list of active connections
PS > get-ASconnection localhost 

more Example Scripts

SQL Server 2008 R2 Support

Initial testing shows that the 2008 version also works against SQL 2008 R2


To install PowerSSAS, download the installer from the Releases tab.

Or, new as of v you can install PowerSSAS as a PowerShell v2 module. see: Installing PowerSSAS as a v2 module


We are currently in the process of brainstorming other potential features, and have been adding them as work items. If you have a feature you would like to see added, drop us a line on the forums.

Future Releases

The next release date has not yet been scheduled. If you have any requests or issues please use the discussion or issues features on this site.

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